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Proclamation to the Saints Scattered Abroad

The First Presidency of the Church 15 January 1841 (Documentary History of the Church, 4:267-273 ) This document, signed by Joseph Smith, Sidney Rigdon, and Hyrum Smith, reviews the progress of the Church in...


First Presidency Message on Communism, 1936

Statement published in the Improvement Era, July 1936 by the First Presidency, under date of July 3, 1936. Reprinted in “The Messenger Presiding Bishopric Publication, Oct. 1961 Associated Locations: Church Office Building, Salt Lake...


Martin Luther’s 95 Theses

Associated Locations: Eisleben, Saxony, Holy Roman Empire – Martin Luther’s Birthplace Luther Home (Lutherhaus) Altstadt, Wittenberg, Germany All Saints’ Church, Wittenberg, Germany – Martin Luther posts the “The Ninety-Five Theses” Associated Dates: November 10, 1483 –...