St. Bartholomew’s Eve

Associated Locations:

  • Paris, France

Associated Dates:

  • August 23, 1572, date of St. Bartholomew’s Eve massacre


In this Henty tale, 16-year-old Phillip Fletcher, of English and French heritage, joins the forces of Admiral Coligny and Henry of Navarre to fight for religious freedom in France in the 1570s. He leads a squad of veteran soldiers against Catholic forces behind the battle lines, in sieges of castles and towns, and in defense of family estates. Ever fearless, Phillip uses his consummate skills as a swordsman and marksman in many desperate engagements, often hand-to-hand. He barely escapes the Paris massacre, rescues a noble lady, and returns to England as a hero.

Author: George Alfred Henty

Length: approx. 384 pgs.

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