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01) AUXILLARY: If music has been approved by a Church auxiliary does that make it OK? Should we compromise on rock music to not offend or drive away some of the youth?

02) BEAT: Can the heavy beat of music be detrimental? What about the rock offbeat? Can the backbeat be dangerous? Can the beat of music be detrimental to both body and Spirit?

03) AMMORAL: Is it only the words that can make music bad? Is music amoral? Can music alone, independent of its lyrics be both good and bad? What influence does music have upon culture and society? Is there “perfect” music?

06) DANCE MOVEMENTS: Can dance movements drive away the Spirit? What is proper dancing posture? Can dances be good or evil?

18) POPULARITY: Since everyone listens to rock music does that make it OK?


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They Sold Their Souls for Rock and Roll (movie clips)


“. . . no idea has been more destructive of happiness, no philosophy has produced more sorrow, more heartbreak, more suffering and mischief, no idea has contributed more to the erosion of the family than the idea that we are not the offspring of God, but only advanced animals. There flows from that idea the not too subtle perception that we are compelled to yield to every carnal urge, are subject to physical but not to moral law.

The man-from-animal theory…is widely taught and generally accepted as the solution to the mystery of life. I know there are two views on the subject. But it is one thing to measure this theory solely against intellectual or academic standards, quite another to measure it against moral or spiritual or doctrinal standards.” (Boyd K. Packer, The Things of the Soul, pp.109-111)

“Organic evolution is Satan’s chief weapon in this dispensation in his attempt to destroy the divine mission of Jesus Christ. It is a contemptible plot against faith in God and to destroy the effective belief in the divine atonement of our Redeemer through which men may be saved from their sins and find place in the Kingdom of God. There is not and cannot be any compromise between the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the theories of evolution. Were evolution true, there could be no remission of sin.” (Joseph Fielding Smith, Man, His Origin and Destiny, pp. 184-185)

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