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America’s Godly Heritage

Gordon B Hinckley – Freedom Festival 1997

Man, Freedom and Government by Ezra Taft Benson

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Timothy Ballard on The American Covenant

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One Nation Under God: Jon McNaughton

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Government FAQs

08) RULE OF LAW: What is the Rule of Law? Should citizens be equal before the law or equal in possessions? How does this apply to governmental leadership?

17) SELF-RELIANCE: Should a person or family be supported by others when capable of providing for themselves? What is the danger of accepting a “dole” – something-for-nothing handout?

23) FREEDOM OF WORSHIP: Why must we understand that there are wicked individuals who seek to deprive the righteous of their freedom?

27) NATURAL RIGHTS: What is the source of freedom and all rights? Is it possible to retain Natural Rights without God and the principles of the Gospel?

31) HANG BY A THREAD: What have latter-day prophets taught concerning the prophecy of Joseph Smith that the United States Constitution would hang by a thread and be saved, if saved at all, through the efforts of the Elders of Israel?

35) CONSTITUTION: What has been revealed regarding the Divine origin and influence of the United States Constitution on our nation and the world?

01) RIGHTEOUS FOUNDERS: Were the founding fathers of the United States Government righteous men who lived moral and honest lives?


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Declaration of Independence



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The Proper Role of Government


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The Declaration of Independence


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The Prophet Joseph Smith’s Views on the Power and Policy of the Government of the United States (vr. 1)



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American War for Independence (1776)



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