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Adam Ondi Ahman

Associated Locations:

  • Adam-ondi-Ahman, Daviess County, Missouri

Adam-ondi-Ahman, Daviess County, Missouri is the location where Adam lived after he was driven out of the Garden of Eden. It was also the location of the meeting recorded in D&C 107, before the death of Adam. Prior to the Second Coming, Adam and his righteous posterity, which includes Saints of all dispensations, will meet with the Savior in this valley. Adam will make his report and Christ will be received as the rightful ruler of the earth.

The term Adam-Ondi-Ahman is from the Adamic language (See Meaning of the Name).

Adam Michael

Adam Michael was the first man of all men, and was the first flesh on this earth. He brought about the fall of man. He is Michael the Archangel who assisted in the creation of this earth. Adam is second only to Christ in priesthood authority. He led the hosts of the righteous in the war in heaven, and will lead the hosts in the final battle against Lucifer.