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Washington Irving

From the stories he [Washington Irving] learned as a young boy, we have the story of George Washington and the cherry tree and others. The conscience of a historian and the love of legend combined to create stories full of humor and vividness. He lifted American literature and sent it on the road to greatness.

Sir Walter Scott

The first great British writer of the romantic school, Sir Walter Scott was the first writer to turn the thoughts and hearts of his Scottish countrymen towards their heritage and the middle ages. After reading his historical novels, people felt proud of their ancestry and their homeland. Goethe called Scott “The first novelist of the century.”

Sir Edward Gibbon

His work had become his life and in so doing he fulfilled his destiny. Of this destiny Gibbon states: “Without engaging in a metaphysical (spiritual) or rather verbal dispute, I know by experience that from my early youth I aspired to the character of an historian.” Sensing his foreordained mission, Gibbon’s greatness was poured into his book.

As surely as Robert Browning determined in boyhood to give his life to poetry, so did Edward Gibbon determine to devote his to history…. By temperament he was born to record history. It is therefore … no marvel that the end-product was the most magnificent single historical work in the English tongue.

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