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Mormon Battalion

Associated Locations:

  • Mormon Battalion Monument, Utah Capitol, Salt Lake City, Utah

Associated Dates:

  • July 16, 1846 – Men enlist in the Mormon Battalion

The Mormon Battalion was a volunteer unit of between 534 and 559 Latter-day Saints men led by Mormon company officers, commanded by regular US army officers. Though leaving their families behind was difficult and their desert March arduous, by their sacrifice the men of the Mormon Battalion facilitated the Saints’ move to the Salt Lake Valley and helped develop the West.

Civil War

William Henry Seward

As the great political defenders Henry Clay, John Calhoun, and Daniel Webster neared the end of their lives, many wondered if there would ever again arise such men of destiny. The younger men seemed unlikely candidates, and the public took little note of them. They were nevertheless men of integrity and devotion. Abraham Lincoln was then almost unknown, and William Seward, who was to play a key role as Lincoln’s Secretary of State, was just entering the U.S. Senate.