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Pearson, Lee H. 0

Pearson, Lee H.

Dr. Lee Pearson has over 35 years of experience developing and applying physics-based measurement systems including ultrasonics, eddy current, thermography, and other NDE and sensor-based test and measurement methods. He received a Bachelor of...

Doctrinal Fortifications against Darwinian Evolution 0

Doctrinal Fortifications against Darwinian Evolution

Lee H. Pearson, PhD Introduction The theory that all life in this world can be traced to a single-celled organism through a series of evolutionary steps is often referred to as “Darwinism” or “Darwinian...

David M. Barker 0

David M. Barker

Author Bio Author – Science and Religion: Reconciling the Conflicts David M. Barker graduated from Arizona State University in Business, and also enjoyed classes in: Archaeology of Mesoamerica, Astronomy, Biology. Chemistry, Communications. The Talmud, Writing (non-fiction)...