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Author – Science and Religion: Reconciling the Conflicts

David M. Barker graduated from Arizona State University in Business, and also enjoyed classes in: Archaeology of Mesoamerica, Astronomy, Biology. Chemistry, Communications. The Talmud, Writing (non-fiction)

Career: Bank Examiner, Consumer Credit Specialist, and C.P.A. (now retired).

After more than 40-years of spare-time study on the subject, his first book was published October 22, 2013. Other publications: articles in the periodicals of the Society for Interdisciplinary Studies, Chronology & Catastrophism Workshop, and Chronology & Catastrophism Review.

He enjoys learning and sharing, and has taught numerous classes and larger groups on:

Conflicts Between Science and Religion
Early Scriptural Texts
Gospel Subjects
Avoiding Frauds, Scams, and other Financial Problems
Debt: Get out and Stay Out
Money Talks: If You Aren’t Careful, It Just Says “Goodby”
Personal Management Merit Badge (Boy Scouts of America)

He welcomes comments and requests: ddbarker@comcast.net.  Visit www.DavidMcKayBarker.com to learn more!

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Joseph Smith Foundation

Joseph Smith Foundation is an organization focused on supporting and contributing to projects founded in the words of Jesus Christ. Our motto is “Vision in Light of the Restoration”. Joseph Smith advanced a literal interpretation of scripture and confirmation of the truths taught in the Bible. He taught that a restoration of the doctrine and Church established and led by Jesus Christ was necessary in the latter days as it was in the former ages of the earth. Revelation was the rock foundation of all lasting accomplishment. Currently, Joseph Smith Foundation is the umbrella for the following organizational divisions, each based on the above principles: Joseph Smith Academy, Joseph Smith Forum, ZionVision and LDS Answers.

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