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Religious Chronology Summary 0

Religious Chronology Summary

John P. Pratt   Dates of religious events on our modern (Gregorian) calendar, as well as on seven of the holy calendars currently known: Sacred Round, Venus, Mercury, Perpetual Hebrew, Enoch, Enoch Fixed, and...

Decision Days Ahead? 0

Decision Days Ahead?

John P. Pratt With every passing day, we are being more pressured to choose whether or not we will serve the true and living God. The days of fence-sitting seem to be swiftly drawing...

The Planet Uranus Testifies of Christ 0

The Planet Uranus Testifies of Christ

John P. Pratt The planet Uranus (Chronos) not only tracks the earth’s millennia, but also testifies of precise dates for Adam and Jesus Christ. In a recent Meridian article it was pointed out that...