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Joseph Smith – Death

Diary of Joseph Fielding Source: Joseph Fielding, Diary (1843-1846), Church Archives in “They Might Have Known That He Was Not a Fallen Prophet”–The Nauvoo Journal of Joseph Fielding,” transcribed and edited by Andrew F....


Joseph Smith – Freemasonry

Joseph Smith History of the Church Wednesday, March 16. –I was with the Masonic Lodge and rose to the sublime degree. Joseph Fielding Many have joined the Masonic institution. This seems to have been...

Joseph Smith Translation of the Bible 0

Joseph Smith Translation of the Bible

Joseph Smith restored a literal interpretation, belief and reliance on scripture. Though many in the world today incorrectly believe “Mormons” do not believe in the Bible, every teaching, doctrine and principle of the Church...

Seventh Dispensation: Fulness of Times or Joseph Smith 0

Seventh Dispensation: Fulness of Times or Joseph Smith

John Taylor “We are living, as I said, in “the dispensation of the fulness of times,” when God will gather together all things in one, whether they be things on the earth or things...

Ancestry of the Prophet Joseph Smith 0

Ancestry of the Prophet Joseph Smith

Ancestry of Joseph Smith Joseph Smith was born in Sharon, Windsor County, Vermont, December 23, 1805. He was the third son and fourth child of Joseph and Lucy Mack Smith, who had a family...

Joseph Smith – Work 0

Joseph Smith – Work

Christ-like Character Traits Good Worker I knew all of the Smith family well. They have all worked for me many a day. They were very good people. Young Joe (as we called him then)...

Joseph Smith – Prophecies by 0

Joseph Smith – Prophecies by

Inspiring Stories   Consequences for persecuting the Saints in Missouri Joseph Smith the Prophet once undertook to plead law. I have the name of the man who was under arrest, in my journal somewhere,...


Joseph Smith

Associated Locations: Carthage Jail, Carthage, Illinois – Location where Joseph Smith was martyred Sharon, Vermont – Birthplace Associated Dates: June 27, 1844 – Day of Martyrdom December 23, 1805 – Joseph Smith birth April–June...

Joseph Smith – Nobility 0

Joseph Smith – Nobility

Christ-like Character Traits Hyrum Smith There were prophets before, but Joseph has the spirit and power of all the prophets. Manly and Godlike I’ve seen the Prophet wrestle, and run, and jump, but have...

Joseph Smith – Family Relationships 0

Joseph Smith – Family Relationships

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Joseph Smith – Cheerful 0

Joseph Smith – Cheerful

Inspiring Stories Pleasant Disposition Accordingly, the next time I saw the Prophet was at his own house in Kirtland. He sat down at one end of the table and I sat next to him....

Alberta Temple 0

Alberta Temple

Alberta Temple It was during the administration of President Joseph F. Smith that Bishop Charles W. Nibley was dispatched to Canada to consider the advisability of erecting a Temple and of selecting the best...

Joseph Smith – Kindness 0

Joseph Smith – Kindness

Inspiring Stories George Miller In the early part of November, 1838, the wolves being unusually destructive to my sheep, I resolved to take most of them into the adjoining state of Missouri (I was...

Joseph Smith – Teachings 0

Joseph Smith – Teachings

Inspiring Stories Edward Stephenson I loved to hear the Prophet teach us. On one occasion he said, “Oh! how I would delight to bring before you things you never thought of, but poverty and...

Joseph Smith – Reverence 0

Joseph Smith – Reverence

Inspiring Stories Daniel D. McArthur “This . . . winter, 1836, he [Joseph Smith] stated that he was out of firewood and that he had no time to get up any, for the officers...

Joseph Smith – Preservation 0

Joseph Smith – Preservation

Inspiring Stories Joseph Smith On the 6th of May I gave the parting hand to the brethren in Independence, and, in company with Brothers Rigdon and Whitney, commenced a return to Kirtland, by stage...

Joseph Smith – Witnesses of Book of Mormon events occurring in North America 0

Joseph Smith – Witnesses of Book of Mormon events occurring in North America

Associated Locations: Zelph Mound Associated Dates: June 2-3, 1834 – Zelph Mound found This articles lists the different locations from Book of Mormon history that Joseph Smith revealed.

Joseph Smith – Visions 0

Joseph Smith – Visions

Inspiring Stories Vision at a School House on a Hill Above the Morley Farm Levi Hancock The Fourth of June came and we all met in a little string of buildings under the hill near...

Joseph Smith – Prophecies about 0

Joseph Smith – Prophecies about

Inspiring Quotes Joseph Smith This . . . winter, 1836, he [Joseph Smith] stated that he was out of firewood and that he had no time to get up any, for the officers of...

Joseph Smith – Education 0

Joseph Smith – Education

Inspiring Stories A Modest Education Joseph Smith was a real clever, jovial boy. I lived a mile from the Smiths. They were peaceable. The old woman had a great deal of faith that their...