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Ancient City of Manti 1

Ancient City of Manti

ANCIENT CITY OF MANTI IN MISSOURI. The following account is taken from the history of the travels of the Kirtland Camp: “The camp passed through Huntsville, in Randolph County, which has been appointed as...

Kirtland, Ohio 0

Kirtland, Ohio

Associated Locations: Kirtland Temple Associated Dates: March 27, 1836 – Dedication April 3, 1836 – Savior appears to Joseph Smith and Oliver Cowdery in the Kirtland Temple Providential Importance in History Although the Kirtland,...

Far West 0

Far West

Associated Locations: Far West, Missouri Associated Dates: August 1836 – Founded “Let the city, Far West, be a holy and consecrated land unto me; and it shall be called most holy, for the ground...