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Associated Locations: All Saints’ Church, Wittenberg, Germany – Martin Luther posts the “The Ninety-Five Theses” Associated Dates: February 28 – The National Covenant of Scotland (1638) October 6, 1536 – William Tyndale is burned at...



Living 450 years ago, and called Anabaptists by their enemies because they insisted only believers could be truly baptized, these people typified the “Radical Reformation” which questioned literally every human tradition that had propped...


Foxe’s Book of Martyrs

The Book of Martyrs, by John Foxe, documents the persecution and suffering endured by faithful men and women from the 1st to early 16th centuries for their faith in Jesus Christ.  Commonly known as...

William Bradford 0

William Bradford

Associated Locations: Austerfield, United Kingdom – Place of William Bradford’s birth Plymouth, Massachusetts Associated Dates: March 19, 1590 – William Bradford born November 11, 1620 – Mayflower compact signed April 1621 – William Braford...

Samuel Rutherford 0

Samuel Rutherford

Samuel Rutherford Born Born circa 1600 Nisbet, Roxburghshire Died Died 30 March 1661 London Mr. Samuel Rutherford a gentleman by extraction, having spent sometime at the grammar-school, went to the university of Edinburgh, where...

Declaration of Arbroath 0

Declaration of Arbroath

The Declaration of Arbroath, also known as the Scottish Declaration of Independence was drafted in 1320, the era of William Wallace and Robert the Bruce.  It announced the independence of Scotland from England.  Signed...

John Wesley 1

John Wesley

Associated Locations: Wesley Chapel, Epworth, Lincolnshire, England – Church where John Wesley preached Epworth, Lincolnshire, England – Birthplace Associated Dates: June 28, 1703 – John Wesley birth John Wesley is one of the eminent spirits who...

John Calas 0

John Calas

Associated Locations: Toulouse, France Associated Dates: 1761 – Martyred Life Sketch from Foxes Book of Martyrs Taken from the book Foxes Book of Martyrs. We pass over many other individual maretyrdoms to insert that of...

James Guthrie 0

James Guthrie

Associated Locations: Greyfriars Kirk – Signing of the National Covenant Forfarshire, Scotland – Birthplace Associated Dates: 1612 – Born February 28, 1638 – Signing of the National Covenant June 1, 1661 – Martyred

Dr. Constantine 0

Dr. Constantine

Life Sketch from Foxes Book of Martyrs Taken from the book Foxes Book of Martyrs. Dr. Constantine, an intimate acquaintance of the already mentioned Dr. Aegidio, was a man of uncommon natural abilities and...

Dr. Aegidio 0

Dr. Aegidio

Life Sketch from Foxes Book of Martyrs Taken from the book Foxes Book of Martyrs. Dr. Aegidio was educated at the university of Alcala, where he took his several degrees, and particularly applied himself...

John Foxe 0

John Foxe

John Foxe Born 1516 Boston, Lincolnshire, England Died 1587 London, England Occupation Clergyman, author Mary F. Smith Religion Puritanism/td> Associated Locations: Boston, Lincolnshire, England – Birthplace Associated Dates: 1516 – Born Foxe’s Book of...

American Israel 0

American Israel

Statements from Prominent Americans Pastor John Cotton, Puritan Clergyman In 1630, prior to the departure of the ship Arabella for America with Massachusetts Bay Colony Governor John Winthrop and his fellow Puritans aboard, the young Puritan...

William Tyndale 0

William Tyndale

“Think of William Tyndale, for example. It was a spiritually blind clergy and a stubborn, equally blind monarch who put him to death. It is no wonder that as he drew his last breath...

Catholic Persecution in Italy 0

Catholic Persecution in Italy

Life Sketch from Foxes Book of Martyrs Taken from the book Foxes Book of Martyrs. We shall now enter on an account of the persecutions in Italy, a country which has been, and still is,...

Promised Land of America 1

Promised Land of America

The Book of Mormon is clear that in general God has covenanted America to those who will be led here out of other countries because of their righteousness. There is a covenant on this...

1746 Miracle at the Old South Meeting House 0

1746 Miracle at the Old South Meeting House

In October of 1746, during the French and Indian War,  French Duke of d’Anville sailed for New England with the most powerful fleet of the time.  It was the largest armada to ever approach the American...

Puritans 1


Associated Locations: Salem, MA – city was founded by the Puritans Associated Dates: June 1630 – John Winthrop and the “Winthrop Fleet” arrives in Salem, MA on the Arabella Providential Role in History D&C 111

Spanish Inquisition 0

Spanish Inquisition

Providential Importance in History Taken from the book Foxes Book of Martyrs. When the reformed religion began to diffuse the Gospel light throughout Europe, Pope Innocent III entertained great fear for the Romish Church....

The Waldenses 0

The Waldenses

Taken from the book Foxes Book of Martyrs. Thus far our history of persecution has been confined principally to the pagan world. We come now to a period when persecution, under the guise of...