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April Newsletter
Welcome to the Joseph Smith Foundation Newsletter. Joseph Smith Foundation is an online resource dedicated to providing scholarly resources founded on the scriptures and writings of latter-day prophets.   In the next six months we plan to provide hundreds of free downloads, interactive learning software and other resources--all with the intent of strengthening the faith of families.   Here is a preview of some of the resources currently available:
  • We have recently added several new products which can be used to educate families in gospel principles including freedom, courage, honor, faith and other timely virtues.   Our spotlight this month is the epic motion picture, Pendragon: Sword of His Father.   The parallels of this film with Caption Moroni in the Book of Mormon are stunning.   Duty to God, family, lands and homes are the core of this production.   Complete with secret combinations and the contrast of true honor, this film will help instill in your family these sacred principles.   Please take the time to view the trailers here

  • In the past few months the Priesthood, Relief Society and Gospel Doctrine lessons have all included lessons on the Creation, Fall of man and other vital teachings of our faith.   In the past some have become confused because of misinterpreted scientific data.   Please visit our new interactive FAQ software for hundreds of pages of statements answering questions on science, education and other timely subjects.
These are resources that will be available soon: 
  • History is comprised of two dimensions, time and space.  Imagine learning history using both dimensions and all the good media sources on the Internet at your fingertips!   Coming this summer is our new timeline history mega-project combining sophisticated timeline software, Google Maps and a new faith-based wiki complete with hundreds and eventually thousands of free audio, video, e-books, and other media resources which will inspire and educate your family.
  • The movies we watch shape the way we look at the world and can either enhance or sear our conscience.   Coming this fall, we will have available a database of movies that build rather than destroy character. Media can be an exciting and educational tool to teach your family.

Please take a moment to look through our completely revised website and let us know what you think.   If you find the site valuable, please forward the information to your friends and family.


Thank you and God bless,
James F. Stoddard and the Joseph Smith Foundation team