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For Our Day FREE Movie Screenings
Saturday, March 1st

See the screening schedule here.

The feature-length documentaries For Our Day: Covenant on the Land and For Our Day: Divinely Sanctioned Governments will be screened with free admission multiple times on Saturday, March 1st at the South Towne Expo Center. Showings will begin at 10:00 am and continue throughout the day until about 9:00 pm. The For Our Day documentaries explore the prophetic parallels in the Book of Mormon referencing statements from latter-day prophets of God and the Standard Works.

South Towne Expo Center
Address: 9575 S State St, Sandy, UT 84070
Date: Saturday, March 1st
Showings begin at 10:00 am

The film producers will be there all day to answer any questions the films may raise.

What others are saying about For Our Day

  Simply put, For Our Day is scripture in action. Too many people believe all they need to do is read the word of God then just go about their lives. This film goes much deeper. It explains what God has been trying to tell us. It shows how the Book of Mormon is much more than a history of an ancient people--it is a powerful warning of things to come for us today. If we don't wake up to these warnings, the consequences could be dire. For Our Day will wake you up! It is perhaps the most important film you can watch in order to truly understand why God made the painstaking efforts He did to ensure the Book of Mormon was delivered to latter-day America.

- Timothy Ballard, Author The American Covenant

  For Our Day encapsulates, organizes and skillfully aligns centuries of meticulously written and miraculously preserved ancient records that carry a critical warning message for our day. This sacred history, recorded by holy prophets who were shown our day in vision, was preserved by God to warn a specific latter day nation. They knew that secret combinations would cause systemic destruction brought on by ignorance and defiance of God's law on this sacred and covenant land. It happened to them centuries before. They knew that should this nation fall it would directly impact the latter day Church in its mission to bring the gospel to the world. They tried to warn us. Our solutions are embedded in their parallel history. For Our Day puts it all together.

- Rod Meldrum, President FIRM Foundation

For Our Day addresses the following questions:

Does the Book of Mormon foreshadow our latter-day world in ways we have never before supposed?

Did you know that the coming forth of the Book of Mormon, the restoration of the Church and the martyrdom of the Prophet Joseph Smith each appear to be foreshadowed in the narrative of the Book of Mormon? What of the other critical events of the latter days? Are they also foreshadowed?

It appears that every destruction befalling the Nephites is also a prophecy of the latter days. How closely does the appearance of Christ to the Nephites align with His Second Coming?

Did you know that every phrase describing the period of peace in the Book of Mormon (4 Nephi) is also a prophecy/foreshadowing of the Millennium?

Why did Mormon include descriptions of Nephite free travel and free trade, astonishing growth in the Church, robbers filling the judgement seats, the destruction of the Nephite republic and the breaking up of the Church of Christ?

Are you aware that generally respected and learned men and women in the latter days have used and do use the same phrases and principles that were espoused by the anti-Christ Korihor?

Can one learn the critical political principles taught by the American Founding Fathers by studying the Book of Mormon? Is there a link between the American founding principles and ancient Israel? Did Mormon use the government of liberty in the Book of Mormon to foreshadow our divinely sanctioned Constitutional Republic?

Why are statements by George Washington and Captain Moroni nearly identical?

Why is the Nephite monetary system including the seon, shum, limnah, senine, etc. found occupying precious space in the Book of Mormon?

What was Mormon's purpose in the inclusion of several chapters discussing Amalickiah's use of intrigue to deceive the Lamanite King, Queen and the people?

Does the Book of Mormon foreshadow not only the past but our present and future?

What if we were to take the most fundamental and key prophetic events of the last days and organize them chronologically, and then lay out the Book of Mormon history on top of it? How does this help us better understand the signs of the times in the last days? What can this tell us of the challenges that lie ahead, and more importantly, the answers to those challenges?

Please share this event with your friends and family. This is a great opportunity to view the new For Our Day feature-length documentaries!

See the movie website:

Deseret Book now carrying For Our Day DVDs

Deseret Book is now carrying For Our Day: Covenant on the Land and For Our Day: Divinely Sanctioned Governments! If you have seen either of the DVDs, please go online and write a review.

See product page for For Our Day: Covenant on the Land
See product page for For Our Day: Divinely Sanctioned Governments

Reviews help significantly with marketing and getting the word out! Thank you for your support!

Announcing the release of a FREE travel app

One of our good friends and supporters, artist David Lindsley, has developed a FREE app presenting intriguing information on the ancient inhabitants of America's Heartland. Available for iPhone, iPad, iPad Mini, iPod, Android phones and tablets, this app includes: maps of ancient Hopewell mounds, a photo gallery of artifacts and ancient writings, automatic updates of the latest research on ancient American culture, and more! This app is a valuable tool when studying the link between the Hopewell and Adena cultures and the Book of Mormon history. Download the app here:

Statesmen and Symbols - New DVD Coming Soon!

Why are some of the same sacred symbols used by the Founding Fathers, also found on tapestries in China that date to the time of the flood? Why do we find the same symbols revealed to the Prophet Joseph Smith, as part of the Restoration, used as well by the early Christians?

Why do these same symbols appear to tie into the Book of Mormon through the Hopewell civilization in North America? Does the Founding of America tie into the sacred history of God's people throughout the world?

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