A Privilege to Meet to Worship God—This Church Ordained of God—All Other Churches and Societies the Work of Man—Human Institutions of Every Kind Will Pass Away—Only that Which God Sets Up Will Endure—The Ancient Christian Church—the Apostate Church of Rome—The Various Man-Made Creeds—Lack of Divine Authority—The True Church Restored—Religion in Politics—God’s Right to Control in All Things—The Agency of Man and the Authority of God—Abiding in the Lord’s Covenant Even Unto Death—No Compromise With the Wicked—The Spirit of Abel and that of Cain—The Blessings that Come Through Obedience and Fidelity

Discourse by Elder Charles W. Penrose, delivered in the Assembly Hall, Salt Lake City, Sunday Afternoon, November 4, 1882.

But One Church of God—Wherein the Saints Are a Peculiar People—Church and State Rule—Religion Should Be No Bar to Political Office—Political Doings Elsewhere—Poverty in the East—Fear of Riots—Labor Question—Trades, Etc., for Young People—Storing of Grain—Troubles Coming—Fortunate Situation of the Saints—Exhortation

Discourse by President George Q. Cannon, delivered at Ogden, on Sunday Morning, July 21st, 1878.