The United Order—The Duty of the Priesthood—The Gospel not Communism—Teaching the People How to Live—Independence of Babylon—The Saints Will Continue to Spread—Unity of Purpose and Action, Will Bring Again Zion—Free Schools Criticized—Educational Status of Our Children

Discourse by President Brigham Young, delivered at the Semi-Annual Conference, Held in the Temple, at St. George, Friday Morning, April 6, 1877.

Daniel’s Vision—Nebuchadnezzar’s Dream—Its Interpretation—The Coming of the Ancient of Days—Joseph Smith’s Prophecy—Things Yet to Be Fulfilled—The Valley of God Where Adam Dwelt—The Establishment of the Kingdom of God—The Coming Millennium and Triumph of the Saints

Discourse by Elder Orson Pratt, delivered in the Eighteenth Ward Meetinghouse, Salt Lake City, Sunday Afternoon, Feb. 25, 1877.

Respect to the Dead—Pre-Existence the Key to This—The Future Life Depends on This—The Latter-day Saints Dependent Upon Revelation for Their Knowledge of These Things—Life Persecutions As Nothing, Contrasted With the Promises Pertaining to the Future—Men’s Future Glories As Are the Laws They Abide

A Funeral Sermon, Preached by Elder John Taylor, delivered at the 14th Ward Assembly Rooms, Salt Lake City, Sunday, Dec. 31, 1876, Over the Remains of Sister Mary Ann, the Beloved Wife of Elder George E. Bourne.

Burial Services, An Ancient Practice—God, the God of the Living—Keys Committed to Joseph Smith. The Last Dispensation—Jesus the Great Redeemer—An Everlasting Priesthood—The Powers of the Resurrection—Scriptural, Philosophical, and Certain—Sealing Powers Eternal

A Funeral Sermon, Preached by Elder John Taylor, delivered at the 7th Ward Meetinghouse, Salt Lake City, on Sunday Afternoon, Dec. 31, 1876, Over the Remains of Ann Tenora, the Wife of Isaac Waddell; and Also Over the Remains of George W., Son of Edward Callister.