Divine Mission of Joseph Smith—Prediction and Promise Fulfilled—Many Others Will Yet Be Verified—The World’s Hatred of the Saints—Indisputable Evidence of the Divine Origin of the Church—No Power Can Destroy It—Missionaries Should Go to the Fields to Which They Are Called—The Effects of Obedience and Its Opposite

Remarks by President Joseph F. Smith, delivered at the General Conference, on Sunday Morning, April 6th, 1884.

Delusive Spirits—Proper Channel for Revelations to Come Through—The Calling of Joseph Smith—Indication of An Impostor—Private Antipathy to Be Curbed and the Priesthood to Be Sustained—Only One Man Appointed to Hold the Keys of the Kingdom at a Time—Men not to Judge Those Who Preside Over Them—How to Secure Justice

Discourse by President Joseph F. Smith, delivered at Ogden, Sunday Morning, June 21st, 1883.

The Church Based Upon the Principle of Perfect Freedom—When a President Resigns, His Counselors Go Out of Office—High Priests to Preside—Presidents Choose Their Own Counselors—All Authorities Sustained By Vote of the Saints—Position of Presidents Cannon and Smith If President Taylor Should Resign—Saints Not to Interfere With the Religion of Others

Remarks by President John Taylor, delivered at Ogden, Sunday, January 21st, 1883.

Revealed Religion and Man-Made Methods of Worship—Only One True and Acceptable Way to Worship God—Ancient and Modern Revelations Corroborate Each Other—God’s Spirit the Light and Life of the Whole World—Men Generally Choose Darkness Rather Than Light—The Coming Forth of the Light in the Latter Days—Joseph Smith and His Doctrines—The Speaker’s Personal Experience—The Operations of the Spirit—The Way to Obtain Knowledge From God—The Necessity of Priesthood and Church Government—The Head of the Church God’s Mouthpiece to the Church—The Perfection, Beauty, and Harmony of the Lord’s Work

Discourse by Elder Chas. W. Penrose, delivered in the Assembly Hall, Sunday, Jan. 14th, 1883.

Tithes and Offerings—Consecrations and Stewardships—The Law of the Lord to the Latter-day Saints—The Meaning of “Surplus Property”—Tithes and Offerings in Ancient Times—The Year of Jubilee or Release—The Importance of Paying Tithing—God the Giver of Every Good Gift—Tithes and Offerings His Due

Discourse by Elder F. D. Richards, delivered at Logan, on Saturday Afternoon, Nov. 6, 1882.