The Power and Authority of the Priesthood Continuous—Pseudo-Prophets and Their Revelations—Ordination Prerequisite to Action in Any Office—Joseph Smith the Head of this Dispensation—The Twelve Ordained By Him to Bear Off the Kingdom—Joseph’s Legal Successor and Brigham’s—The Priesthood, As It Now Exists, the Rightful Authority of God on Earth

Discourse by President George Q. Cannon, delivered at Tooele, on Sunday Afternoon, October 29th, 1882.

Persecution Fulfilling Prophecy—Vermont, the Birthplace of Prominent “Mormons” and Their Oppressors—The Faith and Integrity of the Saints to Be Tested—Peace Among God’s People a Peculiar Characteristic—In Time of Trouble Trust in God, “Watch the Captain”—The Acts of the Utah Commissioners—God’s Overruling Power and Wisdom—A Great Work Requires Great Sacrifice—Non-Performance of Duty No Cause for Self-Gratulation—Man’s Penalties More Endurable Than God’s—The True Saviors of the Latter-day Saints—Better to Disobey Man Than God—The Danger of Disobedience, of Diverse Temporal Interests and Class Distinctions—All God’s Gifts Intended for the General Benefit and Blessing

Discourse by President George Q. Cannon, delivered in the Tabernacle, Salt Lake City, Sunday Morning, October 8, 1882.

The “Twin Relics,” Slavery and Polygamy—Confounding of Polygamy With Bigamy, “Christian” Statesmanship—Joseph Smith’s Proposition for the Abolition of Slavery—The Great Rebellion, Church Division—The Bible and Polygamy, Origin of Monogamy—The Work of God in the Latter Days, the Mission of Ephraim—The Ten Tribes and Scattered Israel, the Book of Mormon—Present Persecution and Future Prospects of the Saints

Discourse by Apostle Erastus Snow, delivered in the Tabernacle, Salt Lake City, Saturday Morning (in General Conference), October 7, 1882.

Mormonism” As True Now As Ever—Many Called But Few Chosen—God’s People to Be Tried and Tested—Rapid Growth of His Kingdom—The Blindness of the World—Animosity of Satan—Blessings Cannot Be Withheld From the Faithful—Exhortation Against Covetousness and Other Evils—Ordeals Ordained From the Beginning—The Reward of the Faithful

Discourse by Elder Daniel H. Wells, delivered in the Assembly Hall, Salt Lake City, Friday Morning (General Conference), October 6, 1882.

The Work of God and Building Up of Zion—Preaching, Temple Building and Other Duties—Corruption and Hypocrisy of Christendom—Rights of the Latter-Day Saints As American Citizens—The Saints Counseled to Be Pure, Honest, Upright, Charitable, Long-suffering and Forgiving—Difference Between Bigamy and Polygamy—Unjust Legislation and American Justice—God for Israel As Long As Israel is for Right

Discourse by President John Taylor, delivered at Ephraim, Sanpete County, Sunday Morning, August 20th, 1882.

The Temple at Logan—The Liquor Traffic—Church Organization—Duties of Its Officers—Treatment of Transgressors—An Interesting Anecdote and Its Moral—Various Offices and Callings of the Priesthood, Etc.—The Guidance of God—Honor Due to His Priesthood—Growth and Progress of God’s Work—Its Opposition By the World—The Regeneration of the Lamanites and General Salvation of Man

Discourse by President John Taylor, delivered at Logan Conference, Sunday Afternoon, August 6th, 1882.

Hostile Feeling Towards the Saints—Their Morality Compared With that of the World—Laxity of Laws and Immorality in Washington—Object of the Edmunds’ Bill—Cause of Former Hostility—Saints to Contend for Liberty—Rights of Congress—Other Things to Be Dreaded More Than Hostile Legislation—Effect of Such Legislation—Shame of Congressmen—Destiny of the Saints

Discourse by President George Q. Cannon, delivered in the Tabernacle, Salt Lake City, Sunday, June 25, 1882.

Man a Mortal and An Immortal Being—Temporal and Spiritual Death—Redemption Through the Atonement and Gospel of Christ—Sons of Perdition—Man’s Pre-Existent, Disembodied and Resurrected States—Jesus Christ the Great Example—The Righteous to Be Conformed to His Image—His Similarity to the Father—His Mission not Completed at His Death—His Resurrection and the Redemption of Humanity

Discourse by President Joseph F. Smith, delivered in the Tabernacle, Salt Lake City, Sunday, June 18, 1882.