Visit to the South—Persecution in Arizona—An American Siberia—Persecutions in Missouri and Illinois not the Result of Polygamy—Affecting Reference to the Martyrdom of Joseph and Hyrum—Judgment Begins at the House of God—No Man Has a Right to Attempt to Control Another’s Belief or Conscience—Ex Post Facto Application of the Edmunds Law—Attempts of the Speaker to Conform to the Law As Far As Possible—Outrages Heaped Upon the Latter-Day Saints—No One Ever Punished, According to Law, for Killing a Mormon—The Saints Counseled to Endure Their Afflictions, Take Care of Themselves, and Serve God—Conclusion

Discourse by President John Taylor, delivered in the Tabernacle, Salt Lake City, Sunday Afternoon, Feb. 1, 1885.

Object of Gathering—Our Principles and Organization Revealed From God—He is Cognizant of All Things—Our Faith not Affected By the Ideas of Men—Our Dependence Upon God—Enoch’s City—God’s Justice in Sending the Flood, and in the Destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah—His Judgments Will Come Upon Those Who Persecute His Saints—The Lord Will Bless His People—We Will Stand By the Constitution Though Others Ignore It

Discourse by President John Taylor, delivered in the Tabernacle, Salt Lake City, Sunday Evening, December 14th, 1884.

The Gathering—Our Territorial Condition and Organization—The Eternal Nature of Our Covenants—The Law of Ancient Israel, Which Required a Man to Marry His Brother’s Widow—Settlement of the Difficulty Connected With the Utah Lake and Jordan River Dam—The Flood—The Lord Will Sustain and Uphold Us—We Must Not Associate With the Wicked

Discourse by President John Taylor, delivered in the Stake Meetinghouse, Provo, Sunday Morning, November 30th, 1884.

Design of God in Relation to the Earth and Its Inhabitants—Power of Satan—The Two Zions—What is Required of the Saints—A Priesthood in the Heavens, As Well As on the Earth—Duties of the Priesthood—Would-Be Advisers—Celestial Marriage—Distinction Between Polygamy and Prostitution—Government Officers Discriminating in Favor of the Latter—Unchastity Not to Be Tolerated in the Church—Charity Advised—Class of People Who Accuse the Saints of Crime—Criminal Statistics—Horrifying Statements of Crime in the Eastern States—Warning to the Saints

Discourse by President John Taylor, delivered in the Tabernacle, Salt Lake City, Monday and Tuesday (Semi-Annual Conference), October 6 and 7, 1884.

Why We Gather—Difference Between the Latter-Day Saints and the World—Organization of the Church in Former Days—Condition of the World Previous to the Restoration of the Gospel—The Reformers and the Work They Performed—All Men Enjoy a Portion of the Spirit of God—The Jews—The Gospel Must Be Preached—Organization of New Stakes—Missionaries’ Families to Be Provided for—Building Homes and Beautifying Them—The Destiny of Zion

Discourse by President John Taylor, delivered in the Bowery at Rexburg, Bannock Stake, Idaho, Sunday Afternoon, Aug. 17th, 1884.

Temples—Requirements Made of Those Who Seek to Enter Temples—A Woman States Her Case to President Taylor, in Which Arises Some Singular and Serious Questions—The Saints Ought to Be Progressing—They Should Seek to Do the Will of God—Duties of Presiding Officers—Evildoers Should Be Brought to Account and Dealt With—God is Merciful—the Celestial Kingdom

Discourse by President John Taylor, delivered in the Tabernacle, Cache County, Sunday Afternoon, June 15th, 1884.

Manifestations to Be Looked For—Some Already Received—Many Things Known Which Can not Be Told Yet—The Work Required of the Saints—Other and More Splendid Temples to Be Built—Persons Required to Labor in the Temples—Kind of Men Wanted to Go Upon Missions—Self-Denial Required—Blessings in Store for the Faithful

Discourse by President John Taylor, delivered at the time of the Dedication of the Temple, in the Tabernacle, Logan, Cache County, Sunday Afternoon, May 18th, 1884.