Why the Saints Meet Together—Their Pretensions—What Their Profession Implies—No Right to Sit in Judgment on the World—All Children of a Common Father—Many Good Men Inspired By the Spirit of God Who Did not Possess the Gift of the Holy Ghost—How Joseph Smith Obtained Knowledge—The Gospel—What the Savior Required—Operations of the Holy Ghost—What is Required of the Saints—Their Feelings—Duty of Missionaries—National Feelings Buried in Embracing the Gospel—Relationship to God—Destiny of the Faithful—What Have Religionists of the World to Offer?—Character of the Would-Be Reformers—Rights to Be Contended For—Corrupt Practices Condemned

Discourse by President John Taylor, delivered in the Assembly Hall, Salt Lake City, Sunday, Feb. 11th, 1883.

Revealed Religion and Man-Made Methods of Worship—Only One True and Acceptable Way to Worship God—Ancient and Modern Revelations Corroborate Each Other—God’s Spirit the Light and Life of the Whole World—Men Generally Choose Darkness Rather Than Light—The Coming Forth of the Light in the Latter Days—Joseph Smith and His Doctrines—The Speaker’s Personal Experience—The Operations of the Spirit—The Way to Obtain Knowledge From God—The Necessity of Priesthood and Church Government—The Head of the Church God’s Mouthpiece to the Church—The Perfection, Beauty, and Harmony of the Lord’s Work

Discourse by Elder Chas. W. Penrose, delivered in the Assembly Hall, Sunday, Jan. 14th, 1883.

Tithes and Offerings—Consecrations and Stewardships—The Law of the Lord to the Latter-day Saints—The Meaning of “Surplus Property”—Tithes and Offerings in Ancient Times—The Year of Jubilee or Release—The Importance of Paying Tithing—God the Giver of Every Good Gift—Tithes and Offerings His Due

Discourse by Elder F. D. Richards, delivered at Logan, on Saturday Afternoon, Nov. 6, 1882.

The Power and Authority of the Priesthood Continuous—Pseudo-Prophets and Their Revelations—Ordination Prerequisite to Action in Any Office—Joseph Smith the Head of this Dispensation—The Twelve Ordained By Him to Bear Off the Kingdom—Joseph’s Legal Successor and Brigham’s—The Priesthood, As It Now Exists, the Rightful Authority of God on Earth

Discourse by President George Q. Cannon, delivered at Tooele, on Sunday Afternoon, October 29th, 1882.

Persecution Fulfilling Prophecy—Vermont, the Birthplace of Prominent “Mormons” and Their Oppressors—The Faith and Integrity of the Saints to Be Tested—Peace Among God’s People a Peculiar Characteristic—In Time of Trouble Trust in God, “Watch the Captain”—The Acts of the Utah Commissioners—God’s Overruling Power and Wisdom—A Great Work Requires Great Sacrifice—Non-Performance of Duty No Cause for Self-Gratulation—Man’s Penalties More Endurable Than God’s—The True Saviors of the Latter-day Saints—Better to Disobey Man Than God—The Danger of Disobedience, of Diverse Temporal Interests and Class Distinctions—All God’s Gifts Intended for the General Benefit and Blessing

Discourse by President George Q. Cannon, delivered in the Tabernacle, Salt Lake City, Sunday Morning, October 8, 1882.

The Mighty Mission of the Saints—God’s Dealings With the World in Ancient and Modern Times—God’s Authorship of Creation and Right to Rule—Man’s Agency, the Gospel and the Gathering—Its Attempted Suppression, Contrasted Statesmanship—The Mother of Harlots and Her Daughters—The Political Situation in Utah—The Rights of Man, the Supporters and Subverters of Law and Order—Religious Intolerance and Political Injustice—The Latter-day Saints the Future Saviors of America—The Edmunds Act and Its Unjust Operation—Reverend Falsifiers and Their Dupes—Exhortation to the Priesthood and the People

Discourse by President John Taylor, delivered in the Tabernacle, Salt Lake City, Sunday Afternoon, October 8, 1882.