Divine Mission of Joseph Smith—Prediction and Promise Fulfilled—Many Others Will Yet Be Verified—The World’s Hatred of the Saints—Indisputable Evidence of the Divine Origin of the Church—No Power Can Destroy It—Missionaries Should Go to the Fields to Which They Are Called—The Effects of Obedience and Its Opposite

Remarks by President Joseph F. Smith, delivered at the General Conference, on Sunday Morning, April 6th, 1884.

Desirable Condition of the Saints—Characteristics of Prophets—The Governing Power of God in Human Affairs—Man’s Ingratitude Toward God—The Enlightening Power of God’s Spirit—Man’s Origin, Probation and Destiny—A Base Conception of the Object of Life—The Savior’s Noble Example—The Source of True Happiness—Great Truths Revealed Through Joseph Smith—Eternal Associations and Destiny of the Saints—How to Attain to a Knowledge of the Things of Eternity

Discourse by President Joseph F. Smith, delivered in the Assembly Hall, Salt Lake City, Sunday Afternoon, February 17th, 1884.

The Hatred of the World Towards the People of God—Their Accusations Against the Latter-Day Saints—The Truthfulness of the Accusations Refuted—The Latter-Day Saints Will Compare Favorably With Any Other People on the Face of the Earth—Why, Then, Are They Proscribed?—Because the World Hate Them—Persecution the Lot of the Saints—Past Persecutions and Their Result—The “Mormon Problem” Still Unsolved, and More Difficult of Solution Than Ever—Let the Saints Live Their Religion and the Lord Will Bring Them Off Triumphant

Discourse by President Joseph F. Smith, delivered in Paris, Idaho, Sunday Morning, August 19, 1883.

Delusive Spirits—Proper Channel for Revelations to Come Through—The Calling of Joseph Smith—Indication of An Impostor—Private Antipathy to Be Curbed and the Priesthood to Be Sustained—Only One Man Appointed to Hold the Keys of the Kingdom at a Time—Men not to Judge Those Who Preside Over Them—How to Secure Justice

Discourse by President Joseph F. Smith, delivered at Ogden, Sunday Morning, June 21st, 1883.

Interest in the Work of God—Faith in the Destiny of the People—“Mormonism” a “Knotty Problem”—No Freedom for the Saints—Good Effect of Sifting—Growth of the Kingdom—Commandments to the Saints—Travels of the Saints Compared With Journeyings of Ancient Israel—Inspiration of President Young

Discourse by President Joseph F. Smith, delivered in the Tabernacle, Provo City, Sunday Afternoon, December 3, 1882.