Man a Mortal and An Immortal Being—Temporal and Spiritual Death—Redemption Through the Atonement and Gospel of Christ—Sons of Perdition—Man’s Pre-Existent, Disembodied and Resurrected States—Jesus Christ the Great Example—The Righteous to Be Conformed to His Image—His Similarity to the Father—His Mission not Completed at His Death—His Resurrection and the Redemption of Humanity

Discourse by President Joseph F. Smith, delivered in the Tabernacle, Salt Lake City, Sunday, June 18, 1882.

Belief and Knowledge—Personal Knowledge Indispensable—Possession of the Holy Ghost Necessary to the Knowledge of the Truth—How to Obtain the Holy Ghost—His Office—The Enmity of the World Towards the Priesthood An Evidence of Its Divine Authority—Always Was and Always Will Be So—Conditions Upon Which Blessings Are to Be Obtained, or Lost

Discourse by Elder Joseph F. Smith, delivered in the Tabernacle, at St. George, Sunday, April 2, 1877.