The Church Based Upon the Principle of Perfect Freedom—When a President Resigns, His Counselors Go Out of Office—High Priests to Preside—Presidents Choose Their Own Counselors—All Authorities Sustained By Vote of the Saints—Position of Presidents Cannon and Smith If President Taylor Should Resign—Saints Not to Interfere With the Religion of Others

Remarks by President John Taylor, delivered at Ogden, Sunday, January 21st, 1883.

The Mighty Mission of the Saints—God’s Dealings With the World in Ancient and Modern Times—God’s Authorship of Creation and Right to Rule—Man’s Agency, the Gospel and the Gathering—Its Attempted Suppression, Contrasted Statesmanship—The Mother of Harlots and Her Daughters—The Political Situation in Utah—The Rights of Man, the Supporters and Subverters of Law and Order—Religious Intolerance and Political Injustice—The Latter-day Saints the Future Saviors of America—The Edmunds Act and Its Unjust Operation—Reverend Falsifiers and Their Dupes—Exhortation to the Priesthood and the People

Discourse by President John Taylor, delivered in the Tabernacle, Salt Lake City, Sunday Afternoon, October 8, 1882.

The Work of God and Building Up of Zion—Preaching, Temple Building and Other Duties—Corruption and Hypocrisy of Christendom—Rights of the Latter-Day Saints As American Citizens—The Saints Counseled to Be Pure, Honest, Upright, Charitable, Long-suffering and Forgiving—Difference Between Bigamy and Polygamy—Unjust Legislation and American Justice—God for Israel As Long As Israel is for Right

Discourse by President John Taylor, delivered at Ephraim, Sanpete County, Sunday Morning, August 20th, 1882.

The Temple at Logan—The Liquor Traffic—Church Organization—Duties of Its Officers—Treatment of Transgressors—An Interesting Anecdote and Its Moral—Various Offices and Callings of the Priesthood, Etc.—The Guidance of God—Honor Due to His Priesthood—Growth and Progress of God’s Work—Its Opposition By the World—The Regeneration of the Lamanites and General Salvation of Man

Discourse by President John Taylor, delivered at Logan Conference, Sunday Afternoon, August 6th, 1882.