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  1. The Gospel—It Brings Temporal As Well As Spiritual Salvation—The Prophet Joseph Smith—Persecution—Our Religion Cannot Be Destroyed - 2,425 views
  2. Necessity of Paying Due Attention to Temporal Duties, &c - 2,307 views
  3. Salvation - 2,120 views
  4. Human and Divine Government—the Latter-Day Kingdom, &c - 2,068 views
  5. Parable of the Ten Virgins—Importance of the Last Dispensation—Responsibilities Resting Upon the Elders—Judgments at the Door—The Lamanites—Home Manufactures—Laying Up Wheat - 1,969 views
  6. Report of a Visit to the Southern Country - 1,876 views
  7. The Lord is Teaching Us Valuable Lessons in Our Present Experience—He is Teaching Us to Rely Upon Him and to Exercise the Faculties He Has Given Us—Nature of the Government of the United States—the Elements of a Variety of Governments Enter Into It—Physical and Moral Courage—the Judge of the Third District Court not a Christian—a Concubine Was a Wife and It Should not Be a Term of Reproach—the Character of Abraham Vindicated—Sympathy for Our Enemies—When the Saints Learn to Be Strictly Impartial, Judgment and Rule Will Be Given Them—Not All in the United States Are Arrayed Against Us—Weakness of the American Government—Power of Secret Societies—Zion to Be a Place of Refuge and Safety—President Cleveland’s Opportunity to Be Just and Great—We Must Purify Ourselves that Liberty May Come - 1,740 views
  8. Polygamy - 1,726 views
  9. Men Eternal Beings—Darkness, Ignorance, and Weakness of the World—Privileges of the Saints - 1,719 views
  10. Spiritual Communication - 1,617 views
  11. The Priesthood—The Second Advent—The Gathering—Spiritual Ministrations and Manifestations - 1,403 views
  12. Pre-Existence, in Spiritual Form, of Man, the Lower Animals and the Earth—The Temporal Probationary State—The Millennium—The Final Change - 1,212 views
  13. The Channels of Communication From God to Man—Dreams, Visions, Etc. - 1,150 views
  14. Light of the Spirit—Coming Tribulations—Present Salvation - 1,142 views
  15. Recreation, and the Proper Use of It - 1,117 views
  16. The Increase and Future of the Saints—True Education, Etc. - 1,113 views
  17. The Kingdom of God - 1,043 views
  18. Character and Being of God—Creation—Salvation of the Dead—The Unpardonable Sin—Resurrection—Baptism of the Spirit, Etc. - 1,034 views
  19. Source of True Happiness—Prayer, Etc. - 1,017 views
  20. The Order of Enoch - 1,008 views
  21. Prophecy of John the Revelator—Mission of the Ancient Apostles—Their Reception and Fate—The Great Apostasy—Preservation of the Apostle John—His Revelation—Restoration of the Gospel—The Earth to Be Baptized By Fire As It Was Once Baptized By Water—We Are Sent to the World With a Warning Message—They Can Receive or Reject It—Testimony to the Truth of “Mormonism.” - 994 views
  22. Observe the Sabbath Day - 967 views
  23. Appreciation of Divine Gifts and Blessings—Return to Jackson County—Encouragement of Home Manufactures - 965 views
  24. Parable of the Ten Virgins—Rapid Development of the Arts and Sciences—The Lord Hastening His Work in Its Time—Enmity Between the Church of Christ and the World—The Gathering Together of People From Every Nation After They Have Been Baptized Into One Spirit—The Law of Tithing—Blessings Which Follow Obedience Thereto—Binding Upon All, Rich and Poor Alike—Giving to the Poor—Power of the Principles of the Gospel and Effects of Their Observance—Jehovah—Jesus Christ—His Ministry—His Followers—Their Mission—Preaching to the Spirits in Prison—Baptism for the Dead—Saviors Upon Mount Zion—Responsibility Resting Upon the Saints—a Word of Encouragement to the Missionaries - 957 views
  25. Opposition to the Gospel - 939 views
  26. Necessity of Opposition - 933 views
  27. Parable of the Sower, Etc. - 907 views
  28. Weaknesses of Man—Loyalty of the Saints—Corruption of the World—True Liberty—Conduct of the American People - 901 views
  29. A Prayer - 901 views
  30. Self-Government—Mysteries—Recreation and Amusements, Not in Themselves Sinful—Tithing—Adam, Our Father and Our God - 901 views
  31. The Order of Progression in Knowledge—The Way By Which Saints Become One—Aptness of Men to Remember Evil Rather Than Good—a Characteristic of Saints is to Remember Good and Forget Evil—Our Affections Should Be Placed on the Kingdom of God Above All Other Things - 894 views
  32. Testimony of the Spirit—Revelation Given According to Requirements—Spiritual Warfare and Conquest, Etc. - 890 views
  33. The First Principles of the Gospel - 889 views
  34. Attention and Reflection Necessary to An Increase of Knowledge—Self-Control—Unity of the Godhead and of the People of God - 887 views
  35. Instructions to Missionaries - 875 views
  36. Disobedience of Counsel—The Indian War The Result of the Same - 875 views
  37. The Priesthood to Dictate in Temporal As Well As Spiritual Things—Inconsistency of An Equal Division of Property—Let Apostates Alone - 873 views
  38. The Latter-Day Kingdom of God—Divine Authenticity of the Book of Mormon—External Testimony - 872 views
  39. Gathering the Poor - 871 views
  40. Celebration of American Independence - 869 views
  41. “Truth is Mighty and Will Prevail”—Introduction of the Principles of Eternal Truth—Fulfillment of Prophecy in Our Own Time—Principles of the Gospel Worthy of Consideration—Their Unpopularity—Peculiar Position of the Latter-Day Saints—The Kingdom of God Predicted By the Prophets—Joseph Smith—No Power Can Stay the Hand of Almighty—The Gospel of Christ is the Law of Salvation—Persecution—Polygamy—Treat Our Fellow Men Aright—Commencement of the Millennium—Warfare Between God and the Devil—Faith—the Secret of the Strength of the Saints—Responsibility of Rulers, Etc.—Responsibility of the Saints - 869 views
  42. Celebration of the Fourth of July - 868 views
  43. United Order—Tithing—Cooperative Labors in Brigham City - 867 views
  44. Spirit of Unity—Independence of Zion, &c - 866 views
  45. Remarks - 865 views
  46. Perpetual Emigrating Fund, Etc. - 863 views
  47. Exhortation to Cleanliness—Many of the Saints Spiritually Dead - 860 views
  48. Celebration of the Fourth of July - 860 views
  49. Union—Human and Divine Government, Etc. - 857 views
  50. Temple and Endowments—Raising Grain and Building Storehouses—Dedication - 857 views
  51. Political Economy - 856 views
  52. Funeral Discourse - 856 views
  53. Spiritual Communication - 855 views
  54. Comprehensiveness of True Religion—The Saints But Stewards - 855 views
  55. The Right and Authority of President Brigham Young - 853 views
  56. Exhortation to Home Manufacture - 852 views
  57. The History of Mahomedanism - 852 views
  58. The One-Man Power—Unity—Free Agency—Priesthood and Government, Etc. - 850 views
  59. Joseph Smith’s Mission—Necessity for Such a Mission—Evidences of Apostasy—Restoration of the Gospel and Establishment of the Kingdom of God—Hatred and Persecution Accorded to Joseph Smith, An Evidence of His Divine Calling—Further Proof of Inspiration - 850 views
  60. The Order of Enoch—Socialistic Experiments—The Social Problem - 849 views
  61. The Vine and Fig Tree—Duties of Saints - 847 views
  62. Apostasy, &c - 847 views
  63. Rebuking Evil, &c - 846 views
  64. Value of Liberty—Persecution Expected—Morse and Others Were at First Despised—God Overrules for Good—Faith and Works—Repentance and Baptism—Revelation—Witness of the Spirit—Mission of Joseph Smith—the Wheat Will Remain—No Malice to Men, But Hatred of Their Wicked Acts—Plural Marriage - 845 views
  65. Man. - 842 views
  66. Ordinances that Can Only Be Administered in the Temple—Endowments, Etc. - 839 views
  67. Order—Spiritual Gifts—Temples—The New Jerusalem - 839 views
  68. Improvement—Restoration of the Priesthood, Etc. - 834 views
  69. Education - 832 views
  70. Mahometanism and Christianity - 830 views
  71. Advice to Immigrants - 829 views
  72. Those Who Are in Darkness Cannot Discern the Light—Exhortations to Male and Female to Seek After the Light of the Holy Ghost—Women Who Leave Their Husbands, Etc. - 829 views
  73. Funeral Address - 828 views
  74. Building the Temple—General Duties of the Saints - 827 views
  75. The Speaker’s Dependence Upon the Inspiration of the Holy Ghost—Comprehensive and Exalted Nature of the Plan of Salvation—Satan’s Coercive Scheme—The Sons of Perdition—The Testimony of Jesus—Physical and Moral Courage—True Religion is Practical—One Straight and Narrow Way to Eternal Life—True Religion Compared to Genuine Coin—True Faith is Inseparably Connected With Works—Baptism of Water and of Fire—Apostles, Prophets, Etc., Placed in the Church—God’s Impartiality to His Children—Testimony Obtained By Obedience—All Will Be Saved Except the Sons of Perdition—God Has Prepared a Place for All—Paradise—Salvation Beyond the Grave—The Saints Will Have to Endure Persecution—Patriarchal Marriage—Conclusion - 827 views
  76. Language, or the Medium of Communication in the Future State, and the Increased Powers of Locomotion - 824 views
  77. Restitution of All Things—Pre-Existence of Man—First Principles of the Gospel - 821 views
  78. Submission to Reproof, &c - 821 views
  79. Effects and Privileges of the Gospel—The Latter-day Saints and the Christian World - 820 views
  80. The True Church of Christ—the Living Testimony—Word of Wisdom - 817 views
  81. Eventful Times - 814 views
  82. The Order of Enoch—Study of Law—How to Become Rich - 814 views
  83. Education—Recreation—Necessity of Obeying Counsel - 812 views
  84. Duties of the Saints—Obedience to Counsel, Etc. - 812 views
  85. The Axe is Laid to the Root—Exhortation to Faithfulness - 807 views
  86. Revealed Religion and Man-Made Methods of Worship—Only One True and Acceptable Way to Worship God—Ancient and Modern Revelations Corroborate Each Other—God’s Spirit the Light and Life of the Whole World—Men Generally Choose Darkness Rather Than Light—The Coming Forth of the Light in the Latter Days—Joseph Smith and His Doctrines—The Speaker’s Personal Experience—The Operations of the Spirit—The Way to Obtain Knowledge From God—The Necessity of Priesthood and Church Government—The Head of the Church God’s Mouthpiece to the Church—The Perfection, Beauty, and Harmony of the Lord’s Work - 807 views
  87. Discourse by Elder Orson Pratt - 807 views
  88. The Gifts of God—Home Manufactures—Word of Wisdom—Happiness - 807 views
  89. The Word of Wisdom—Education - 805 views
  90. Testimony and Religion of the Saints - 805 views
  91. An Incident of Nauvoo - 804 views
  92. Daniel’s Vision—Nebuchadnezzar’s Dream—Its Interpretation—The Coming of the Ancient of Days—Joseph Smith’s Prophecy—Things Yet to Be Fulfilled—The Valley of God Where Adam Dwelt—The Establishment of the Kingdom of God—The Coming Millennium and Triumph of the Saints - 801 views
  93. Rebuking Iniquity - 800 views
  94. Never-Ending Character of a Saints’ Mission—Organization of the Kingdom of God - 798 views
  95. Blessings of the Saints—A House for the Lord - 797 views
  96. Home Manufactures - 795 views
  97. Sanctification - 793 views
  98. Faith in the Priesthood—Fruits of Faith—Laying Up Grain—Gleaning—The Holy Ghost—Tree of Life, Etc. - 793 views
  99. Overcome the Powers of Darkness By Prayer—Spiritual Things First in Importance—Cleanliness - 793 views
  100. True Character of God—Erroneous Ideas Entertained Towards Him - 789 views

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