The Creation, Male and Female—Calling of Enoch and Noah—God Selected Abraham and His Seed to Be a Chosen People—He Commanded His People to Multiply But Forbade Adultery and Whoredom in Every Form—Plural Marriage Enjoined Upon Abraham and His Seed to Make Them a Great People—The Principle of Life and Eternal Increase is a Spiritual Power—Modern Christendom Opposed to Large Families—Latter-Day Saints Encourage Them—The Edmunds Law Passed With the Pretence of Repressing Immorality Among the Mormons—That Mask of Hypocrisy Now Thrown Off—The Religious Sentiment of the Latter-Day Saints the Real Object of Persecution—Concluding Exhortations

Discourse by Apostle Erastus Snow, delivered in the Tabernacle, Provo, Sunday Morning, May 31st, (Quarterly Conference) 1885.

God the Source of All Intelligence—Mankind His Offspring and the Instruments of His Will—He Overrules the Results of Men’s Actions—Pre-Existence of Man and Plurality of Worlds—The Gospel One and Unchangeable—Charges of Exclusiveness, Etc., Against the Saints—The Christian World Deny Revelation and Repudiate Bible Doctrine—Their Apostasy Predicted and Fulfilled—The Gospel Restored and the Last Dispensation—The Earth’s Week of History and Millennial Sabbath—What “Mormon” Treason Consists of—The Mission of the American Republic—A Fable and Its Application—A Prophecy—The Peaceable Mission of the Saints

Discourse by Bishop Orson F. Whitney, delivered in the Tabernacle, Salt Lake City, Sunday Afternoon, April 19, 1885.

The Speaker’s Pleasure in Again Meeting With the Saints, and Partaking of the Sacrament—The Companionship of the Holy Ghost is More Precious Than Gold—Future Destiny of the Saints—Their Love for the Mountains—Blessings Only Appreciated By Contrast—Nobility and Scarcity of Moral Courage—Tyranny of Public Opinion—We Cannot Love God and Hate Our Fellow Man—Men and Women Do Wrong When They Yield to the Influence of Satan—What Constitutes a Son of Perdition—Agencies Which Men Use, Compared to Electricity—Truth Has Ever Been Fiercely Opposed—Our Trials Are Agreeable to God’s Purposes—Conclusion

Remarks by Apostle Moses Thatcher, delivered in Logan Tabernacle, Sunday, April 13, 1885.

Love of Home—Visit to Friends—Sent to Preside Over the European Mission—Former Ill-Health in England—Extensive System of Tract Distribution Inaugurated—Tribute to the Worth and Efficiency of the Missionaries—Report of the Condition of the Work in Various European Countries—Hatred Manifested Towards Us After the Murder of Our Brethren in Tennessee—America the Haven of Freedom—Truth Has Ever Met With Persecution—Professed Ministers of the Gospel our Greatest Enemies—No One Injured By Our Principles—Plural Marriage—The Social Evil—Conclusion

Discourse by Apostle John Henry Smith, delivered at the Annual Conference, held in the Tabernacle, Logan, Cache County, Monday Morning, April 6th, 1885.

Prosperous Condition of the Latter-Day Saints in the Valleys of the Mountains—The Kingdom of God is One of Peace, While Those of the World Are Kingdoms of War and Oppression—Exhortations to Faithfulness—We Must Trust in God and He Will Preserve Us—The Saints Are Not Using Carnal Weapons to Defend Themselves Against the Indians, Nor Against Their Enemies—If Necessary, We Should be Willing to Give Our Lives for the Cause of Truth—The Blessings of God Invoked Upon the Saints

Remarks by Apostle F. D. Richards, delivered at the General Conference, held in Logan, on the 6th April, 1885.

Present Conditions—The Hatred of the World Toward the Saints—Why the Leaders of the Church Are Attacked—The Purpose of Persecution—The Saints Need not Be Afflicted or Worried About the Present State of Affairs—The Sifting Process—The Epistle of the First Presidency—Work of God Always Met With Opposition—The Gospel Revealed in this Day Was the Gospel that Was Revealed to Adam—More Revelation to Be Given—Saints Must not Borrow Trouble—When a Nation Perverts Justice, Then Commences Its Downfall—The Constitution of the United States—Saints Must Commit No Overt Act—Exhortation to Faithfulness—Conclusion

Discourse by Apostle F. D. Richards, delivered at the Annual Conference, held in the Tabernacle, Logan, Cache County, Saturday and Sunday, April 4th and 5th, 1885.

The Work of the Lord in the Sandwich Islands and in New Zealand—The Inhabitants of These Islands Probably Offshoots of the Nephites and Lamanites, and Consequently of the Blood of Israel—The Gentile Nations Have Measurably Rejected the Gospel, Hence Their Disunion and Skepticism—We Can Only Be United on the Principle of Righteousness—In God is Our Only Trust—We Cannot Compromise With Evil—Our Mission is to Do Good—Causes of Opposition to the Gospel—Education Can Only Modify, But the Holy Ghost Changes the Nature of Man—The Principle of Revelation Distinguishes Us From the Rest of the World—The Path of Duty is the Path of Safety and Blessing

Remarks by Elder George Reynolds, delivered in the Tabernacle, Salt Lake City, Sunday Afternoon, March 29th, 1885.

Communities Are Made Up of Family Organizations—The Marriage Relationship Instituted By the Almighty—Descent of the Human Family From God—Plural Marriage System of Ancient Israel—Potency of Love—Eternity of Marriage Necessarily Leads to Plural Marriage—Polygamic Form of Marriage Most Prevalent in the World—From Whence Monogamy is Derived—Monogamy Sometimes Necessary—Fruits of Monogamy and Plural Marriage Compared—The Marriage Covenant Changed From a Religious Rite to a Civil Contract—Marriage Requires the Sanction of the Holy Priesthood—The Saints Should not Marry Outside the Church

Discourse by Elder H. W. Naisbitt, delivered in the Tabernacle, Salt Lake City, Sunday Afternoon, March 8, 1885.

Visit to the South—Persecution in Arizona—An American Siberia—Persecutions in Missouri and Illinois not the Result of Polygamy—Affecting Reference to the Martyrdom of Joseph and Hyrum—Judgment Begins at the House of God—No Man Has a Right to Attempt to Control Another’s Belief or Conscience—Ex Post Facto Application of the Edmunds Law—Attempts of the Speaker to Conform to the Law As Far As Possible—Outrages Heaped Upon the Latter-Day Saints—No One Ever Punished, According to Law, for Killing a Mormon—The Saints Counseled to Endure Their Afflictions, Take Care of Themselves, and Serve God—Conclusion

Discourse by President John Taylor, delivered in the Tabernacle, Salt Lake City, Sunday Afternoon, Feb. 1, 1885.

Our Labors Are Interesting and Peculiar—Character of the Latter-Day Saints—The Blessing and Privilege of Priesthood—The Primary Associations—Our Warfare is One of Faith—We Must Importune for Our Rights—Necessity for Good Lawyers—The Gift of Wisdom—Persecution Will Tend to Unite Us—We Should Be Pure

Discourse by Apostle F. D. Richards, delivered in the Tabernacle, Ogden, Sunday Afternoon, January 18th, 1885.