Similarity of Circumstances Surrounding Former and Latter-Day Saints—God is No Respecter of Persons—Revelation to Enoch—Christ Preached to the Spirits in Prison Between the Times of His Crucifixion and Resurrection—All Must Hear the Gospel, and Be Judged Thereby—We Must Progress or Retrograde

Discourse by President George Q. Cannon, delivered in the Tabernacle, Salt Lake City, Sunday Afternoon, November 9, 1884.

Priesthood—Its Authority Necessary to Administer in the Ordinances of the Gospel—This Principle Well Illustrated in the Life and Example of the Prophet Joseph—Jesus Officiated By Virtue of the Melchizedek Priesthood—Descent of the Priesthood From Adam—Necessity of Temples in Which the Power of the Priesthood Can Be Exercised for Those Who Died Without the Gospel—Restoration of the Priesthood in These Last Days—The Legitimate Acts of Those Holding the Priesthood Are Acknowledged and Ratified By the Lord—Binding Power of the Holy Priesthood—Opposition of Satan to the Priesthood—Virtues of the Latter-Day Saints—Conclusion

Discourse by President George Q. Cannon, delivered in the Tabernacle, Ogden, Sunday Morning, October 18th, 1884.

The Latter-day Saints Attract Much Attention—They Are the Victims of Scandal and Falsehood, But Have Been Sustained By the Spirit of Peace—God Has Revealed to Us the Purposes of Our Existence—God is the Father of Our Spirits—He Has Given Us An Agency—God Foreseeing that Adam Would Fall Prepared a Redeemer—We Are Here on the Earth to Prove Our Integrity and to Obtain a Knowledge of Good and Evil—The Conscience of Man is the Spirit of God Prompting Us to Do Right—God in His Wisdom Hides From Us the Glories Beyond the Veil—Conclusion

Discourse by President George Q. Cannon, delivered in the Tabernacle, Salt Lake City, Sunday Afternoon, September 28th, 1884.

Privilege of Meeting Together—We Are Here to Do Our Father’s Will—All Dependent Upon God for Assistance, Guidance and Direction—The Lord Revealed to Adam the Purpose of Sacrifice—Adam, Before His Death, Called His Family Together and Blessed Them and Prophesied—Many Spirits Have Been Destined to Hold Certain Positions Among Men—Why We Are Gathered—We Must Follow the Teachings of the Spirit, and Honor the Priesthood in All Its Callings—Prepare Ourselves to Enter Holy Places—The Priesthood Must not Tolerate Iniquity—The Church Must Be Purified—Concluding Exhortations

Discourse by President John Taylor, delivered at a Priesthood Meeting, held in the Salt Lake Assembly Hall, Saturday Evening, October 6th, 1883.

Growth of the Latter-Day Saints—Necessity of the Spirit of Revelation—Conditional Promises—The Lord Designed Israel to Be a Peculiar and Holy People—And He Has the Same Design Concerning Us—We Will Have to Pass Through the Same Ordeals As They—We Should not Intermarry With Those not of Our Faith—We Should Build Up Nothing that is Opposed to Zion—The Favor of God is Better Than Earthly Riches—Exhortations to Faithfulness

Discourse by President George Q. Cannon, delivered in the Meetinghouse, Heber City, Sunday Morning, August 26th, 1883.

Hostility of the World to the Gospel—Rebellion of Lucifer in Heaven—Seth Given in Place of Abel—Wickedness of the Antediluvians—Enoch’s Zion—Necessity of Opposing Powers and Principles, that Men May Be Tested—Difference Between Bigamy and Plural Marriage—Our Marriage Covenants Are Eternal—Enmity of Religious Teachers—Our Children Should Be Correctly Taught

Discourse by President John Taylor, delivered in the Assembly Hall, Salt Lake City, February 12th, 1882.

The Work of God Only Partially Understood—Manifestation of the Father and Son to the Prophet Joseph—The Priesthood Conferred Upon Him—Kirtland Temple, and the Ministrations of Moses and Elijah—Benefits and Uses of Temples—Public and Private Improvements Advocated—Children Should Be Properly Taught—Wives Should Be Kindly Treated—Exhortations to Virtue and Purity

Discourse by President John Taylor, delivered at Malad, Oneida County, Idaho, Wednesday Morning, October 20th, 1881.